Where To Find The Best CBD In Amsterdam

Cannabidiol is a chemical compound known as ‘phytocannabinoid’ found in industrial hemp and marijuana. Both plants have many other phytocannabinoids, but tetrahydrocannabinol(THC) and cannabidiol(CBD) are the two most active compounds in the herb. THC and CBD are also the most widely researched substances out of all those compounds.

The concentrations of both substances differ by plant. Recreational marijuana often has more tetrahydrocannabinol as compared to cannabidiol. However, through certain breeding methods, agriculturalists have been able to make cannabis strains having considerable amounts of cannabidiol, and mild THC content. The cannabis varieties may be rare, but these strains are trendier than ever before.

Cannabidiol has several health benefits, and it is not a mind-altering substance. That said, cannabidiol is also consumed for a recreational purpose, even though it does not have the psychoactive effect of THC. You will not have the effect from CBD, but you could get a relaxing effect by using plant varieties containing more than usual cannabidiol content. The varieties with 1:1 CBD to THC ratio offer a sedative effect.

Cannabidiol is non-psychoactive, so numerous nations’ legislation allows its use. Therefore, several individuals who come to Amsterdam city seek rare cultivars that are rich in tetrahydrocannabinol. People also look for the usual CBD products that can be considered as dietary supplements. After all, this is why you are here: to find the best CBD in Amsterdam for your needs. Whether you are seeking a THC-rich variety for recreational purpose or a usual CBD product, we have got you covered.

Best Places To Try CBD Flowers

These are all coffeeshops in Amsterdam. Elsewhere, a coffee shop means exactly what it refers to. On the other hand, in the Dutch capital, it is where you can find not just coffee but also all things cannabis. Coffeeshops are situated pretty much everywhere in Amsterdam. Shared below is a list of top five Dutch coffeeshops for CBD enthusiasts.


This small coffeeshop is situated nearby Amsterdam Centraal station. The rates in the shop are pretty low, the workers here are welcoming and the atmosphere is home-like. All these make it a good place to have some coffee, chill out and talk to your travel companions. If you feel like using a cannabis cigarette, then ask for the herbal blend it provides for free, to not inhale tobacco. After having the coffee and smoking the aforementioned product, play chess on the site to check how you are doing mentally.

There is a steady stock of topnotch CBD buds at Siberië. One of these low-cost products known as ‘Violator’ contains 16.6% cannabidiol and 1.5% tetrahydrocannabinol.


This establishment may be small, but it will offer you a memorable experience. Just as you enter ‘Babylon’ through its colourful front door, you will experience its laidback atmosphere and the friendly attitude of its employees. The music played here will create a desire in you to immediately smoke CBD flowers.

Visit the bar space here to purchase whatever flower you prefer, and then go to the designated smoking room. It is a tiny space full of upholstered furniture made of wood. Ask any of its workers for direction to the room, where you can smoke CBD buds, talk to people and have some freshly brewed coffee.


This coffeeshop has a number of the most affordable CBD buds in Amsterdam city. Bagheera is situated in De Wallen, and you will have an amazing view of Dutch canals from here. It is named after ‘Bagheera’, the Black Panther from Rudyard Kipling’s novel ‘Jungle Book’. The CBD flower shop’s logo even has a black panther’s image in it.

Bagheera has become more popular than in the past, and the CBD-rich varieties here are well known. Its broad cannabis menu has many flavorsome cultivars that are rich in cannabidiol. In the event you visit Amsterdam in the summertime, have a seat next to the facade of the shop to take in the views.


This coffeeshop is situated amid the canal ring area in Amsterdam-Centrum. Visit Amnesia as early as possible to ensure that you have seating, and expect to stay here for around 60 minutes to inhale CBD buds. It has glass bongs and vaping devices for customers, so you need not go there with paper for rolling up joints. The shop is tiny yet modern and one that has an appealing and mysterious atmosphere.

Het Ballonnetje

This coffeeshop has been in operation since 1978. The cannabis store is situated next to the University of Amsterdam’s building, and it is among the city’s oldest and best-known establishments of its kind. Natives often visit the coffeeshop, which is an indication of how good its products and service are.

It has famous varieties, like Beachfront and Holy Moment to name two. There are cultivars high in tetrahydrocannabinol, and edible products containing THC in this store. You can escape any undesirable consequences of smoking those high-THC plant varieties by having a puff of the CBD flowers a while after doing the former. It is possible because cannabidiol has the capability to counteract tetrahydrocannabinol’s psychoactive effects.

Best Amsterdam CBD Stores

CannaHealth Amsterdam

This company offers topnotch CBD items that are in many different forms, and that can meet most users’ requirements. It makes these goods with the purest form of cannabidiol out there. The company extracts cannabidiol from hemp with no toxic solvent. It uses ethyl alcohol as the lone solvent for the extraction process.

Some of the company’s CBD products are in the form of oils, cosmetics, edibles, flowers, and crystalline powder. It has products usable for not just human beings but also for dogs. Cannahealth Amsterdam’s CBD dog treats are in the bone shape, which makes it easier to feed these to the animal. Besides CBD dog treats, the company offers cannabidiol in the oil form for pets. The doses of cannabidiol in these products for pets are relatively less. CBD items for human users have higher doses of the substances than those pet products do.

SupMedi CBD

The Amsterdam-based SupMedi CBD and Holland Biodiversity collaborate to develop CBD items. The GLP-certified facilities of ProxyLabs test the products of SupMedi, so you can be rest assured that these will be of top quality. ProxyLabs own the only laboratories that have the permission of the Netherlands Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sport to test cannabidiol. This ensures that SupMedi CBD’s products are of great purity.

The company makes products with CBD that is sourced from hemp. Working with Holland Diversity’s professionals allows it to create the best CBD in Amsterdam city.

Amsterdam CBD Center

This is one of the best stores in Amsterdam where you can purchase cannabidiol products. The company not only runs a web store, but it also has a brick and mortar shop in the heart of the capital city. If you are planning to go by public transport, then you would be glad to know that there are trams that go to the area of the shop. Just board tram 1 or 2 or 5 or 13 from Amsterdam Centraal, and get down at Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal or Dam Square. From there, it is just a few minutes walk to the store.

Every product it sells online or in the Amsterdam-based CBD store is laboratory tested. For greater transparency, Amsterdam CBD Center posts the laboratory test results on its website. You can glean much information from the company’s cannabis experts. It had experienced what it is like to cultivate cannabis, plus plant varieties that are rich in cannabidiol, in Amsterdam Seed Center. After having considerable experience about the matter, Amsterdam CBD Center was started with an eye on properly educating customers on various cannabidiol products.

If you have any doubt about CBD, you can chat with the company specialists through its website’s in-built application.

CBD Oil Shop

The organization behind CBD Oil Shop sources cannabidiol from hemp that local agriculturalists cultivate. It claims to offer the world’s best cannabidiol oil.

Aside from the physical shop in Amsterdam, the organization also runs a web store where you can find many different hemp CBD products. It has the products that can be used for general health and welfare purposes, plus CBD cosmetics. Whether you want CBD that comes in the form of a crystalline powder or skincare product or comes bundled with a vaporizer kit, you can find it here.

When Nature Calls

This is a dealer of CBD items from some different brands. The organization deals in CBD goods that are meant for human beings and pets. When Nature Calls has not only a web presence, but it also operates a store at Keizersgracht 508. In the store called ‘Smartshop’, you can find different varieties of CBD, including even chocolates filled with cannabidiol.

Nature Calls claims that it offers worldwide product delivery for free, but one wonders how this is possible. Even the physical store has a display that says, ‘Worldwide Free Shipping’. In front of the shop, there is a golden plaque with this address: ‘Keizersgracht 508, When Nature Calls’. Another interesting aspect of the shop is that it is open on all days of the week, which is rare for a CBD store in Amsterdam. Even the closing time of it is hours after that of most other CBD stores situated in the capital city.

Going by the information on Google, no other CBD store seems to be operating for more hours than the ‘Smartshop’. This appears to be a deliberate strategy to cater to the needs of both locals and tourists. The dealer must be aware that tourists can pop in at any time.

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