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Vincent Van Gogh is one of the most prolific artists of all the time and his paintings are mostly considered more than just paintings – as strong expressions of pain and suffering. He was a Dutch Post-Impressionist painter who had spent most of his life in France. Arles and the provisional countryside of France was his inspiration and it made him to paint real bright and eye catching landscapes. Although the history books speak very highly of Van Gogh, he was not appreciated well during his life. Van Gogh ended his life by committing suicide at the age of thirty-seven after several years of mental illness and poverty.

Parking Suggestions for Van Gogh Tours

If you are planning to drive to Arles for a day, the best place to park the car is in the Parking Garage which is near to the post office in the area and is reasonably priced. You will not have to drive through many narrow streets as it is on the outskirts of the town. Parking in the garage will also help you to save the amount you might be paying for a parking lot in the center of the city.

Accommodation Suggestions for Van Gogh Tours

One of the best places to stay if you are planning for a stay in the night to experience a wonderful rest is the L’aubergine Rouge that consist of a small bed and breakfast is in the southwest corner of the Arles, and it is on one of the most incredible streets that you will wander. The interior setting of many rooms of L’aubergine Rouge is inspired by Van Gogh which gives you a feeling that you are living in one of his paintings.

Walking Tour

Walking tours can take you across the narrow streets of Arles along the Rhone River and the beautiful squares for which Arles is famous for. Most of the walking tours will show you the various artworks of Van Gogh that were painted while he lived in Arles. There are many buildings he often visited as a resident of this historic place. You can find a lot of easels and plaques with pictures of the artist throughout the city.

The Alyscamps

Alyscamps Necropolis is one of the oldest Roman ruins in Arles and is known as the place where Van Gogh painted four scenes by sitting in the ancient Roman ruins during the year 1888. During this period, Paul Gauguin used to stay with Van Gogh which inspired the best in both of them.

As Roman cities do not allow burials inside the city as they feared that the death might infect the living people, roads in the cities were lined up with tombs, and Alyscamps was seen as the place to bury. But now, heritage groups have made Alyscamps into a heritage site.

Jardin d’Eté

Jardin d’Eté is an urban park situated against the background of the Roman amphitheater, where numerous playgrounds and fountains are situated. This is a great place for kids to run around. It has been said that Vincent Van Gogh saw this place as a place where he could easily paint during the sunny summer days.

Walking left down Avenue Victor Hugo and north along the Avenue des Alyscamps and can help you to witness a lot of things. You can see the bright green grass of the Jardin d’Eté on the northern side of the streets.

Roman Amphitheatre

To exit to the east of the Roman Amphitheatre onto Rue Porte de Laure, you will have to walk north along the pathways of the park. You will have to walk continuously till you reach the Roman Arena. The amphitheater was built in the 90 AD and was capable of seating around twenty thousand spectators. Many people come to visit the chariot races and hand-to-hand battles. The amphitheater is still used for musical concerts and festivals.

Restaurant Carrel

After reaching Rue Léon Blum, you will have to turn left and stop on the corner of Rue Amédée Pichot. Van Gogh used to stay in a room above the Carrel restaurant while he first moved to Arles. The place was then owned by Albert Carrel and his wife.

Van Gogh experienced a lot of stagnation and block while he lived in Paris, while disappeared when he arrived in the Arles. He painted “View of a Butcher’s Shop” once more with this sudden creative spark. It is believed that this particular painting was created from the room he stayed in. It is been believed that Van Gogh never used to stay in the streets for too long to paint or observe as he used to have a lot of disagreements with the landlord of the place.

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