Choosing Between 3G Booster And 4G Repeater

Are you deciding between a 4G LTE booster and a 3G repeater? If yes, you would want some help to make the right choice. This decision would ultimately depend on your requirements, and these needs can be categorized into the following.

The Internet

If 4G service is available in your location, and you wish to have speedier internet service, choose a product that can boost the 4G signal frequency your carrier offers there. Most of today’s mobile devices have 4G LTE capability. Most telecommunication service providers do not share the 4G frequencies of them. So, be sure that the booster you are thinking of buying can boost the 4G LTE signal of the carrier of yours and on the network of them in your location.

Phone Calls

You may not be either having a 4G capable device or utilizing the internet that much. In the event you wish to only make calls where signals are weak, think about shopping for a 3G signal repeater. In this case, it is best to not spend money on a 4G repeater. A 3G signal booster can also make internet service speedier.

Most 3G repeaters will boost the reception on nearly every North American service provider network. Albeit yours is a 4G device, the 3G repeater will improve the frequencies that carrier uses to allow you to make calls and send basic text messages.

Is A 4G LTE Booster A Must For A 4G Device?

Almost every 4G mobile device covers several other frequencies like 800 megahertz and 1900 megahertz frequencies, which are mainly utilized to enable voice calls. If you rarely utilize or do not use the internet, and use the device for making calls, then match one of those two service provider frequencies with the product you are considering.

How Much Does A Booster Cost?

The price of a booster depends on many different factors. The rates of 3G boosters will usually be lower than their 4G counterparts. Another factor to be considered is where you would want to use it. For instance, boosters for vehicles will be more affordable than those designed for indoor use. You may find a car antenna booster for just under $5, a small residential product for about $300, or a large one for a commercial building for a higher price. The booster for use on a commercial property will most likely need professional installation, which will ncrease the cost.

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