Choosing between Princess Cut and Cushion Cut Diamonds

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In more than one ways princess and cushion-cut diamonds share similarities. Note that they are both included in the category of the brilliant-cut. They are also square-shaped although they sometimes have a rectangular profile. Furthermore, both of them are highly popular. In fact, the cushion cut was the most popular cut until the early 1900s. Nowadays, however, the princess cut has gained huge popularity and is second only to round brilliant cut diamonds. Considering all the features, it could be slightly confusing to choose only one of these two. Read Beverly Diamonds BBB to understand more about princess and cushion cut diamonds.

Brilliance and Shine

Note that both cushion cut and princess cut jewels come under brilliant cuts instead of step cuts, for example, emerald precious stones. Among these, the princess cut usually creates a greater degree of sparkle. Sometimes, this also relies on the diamond itself. Lower clarity and color means that the stones will have a lesser degree of radiance, despite the shape.

On the other hand, based on the pavilion facet pattern, cushion cut stones regularly give more fire than round brilliant diamonds. A princess-cut precious stone usually emits more color and a few customers may like lesser color. As a result, they may pick G-H, instead of the higher D-E hues. Remember that this is a great way to save on your budget while buying a princess cut stone.


As the most famous fancy shape, princess cut stones are more costly than cushion cut jewels. At the same time, they are more affordable than round cut stones. This makes the princess cut jewels an ideal option if you are searching for a famous diamond cut, but need to get a higher quality stone within your spending limit.

Cushion cut jewels have turned out to be increasingly well-known throughout the years and are somewhat more affordable than princess cut diamonds.

Setting the Chosen Diamond in a Jewelry

In case you are searching for a diamond to set into jewelry you already possess, it is essential to see how it would look in that piece of jewelry. For instance, if you want to set a princess cut stone into a three-stone wedding band setting, the side stones would for the most probably be either emerald or princess cut jewels.

The cushion cut is usually used in either a solitaire diamond engagement ring setting or a halo setting. This matches either a multi-stone jewel wedding band or a jewel pendant.

Remember the above characteristics if you are looking to buy Princess cut or cushion-cut diamonds.

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