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VanGogh Museum Tours
VanGogh Museum Tours

Are you a huge fan of the works of Vincent van Gogh? If you answered yes to that question, then you are in for a treat. Continue reading to discover the highlights of the Vincent van Gogh collection from the Van Gogh museum tour. 

The Potato Eaters, 1885

Despite attracting tonnes of criticisms in the initial years, this painting is regarded as one of his famed as well as the finest work. It thoroughly justifies the life of the peasants and brings to light, their way of life. This explains why the artist used dark colors and painted coarse and bony faces for the peasants. 

Shoes, 1886

Although an unusual choice of a subject to paint about, this painting caught considerable attention from the art lovers. He felt the subject very interesting and thus made several still lives of the worn-out shoes. Intending to save money, Vincent used this canvas on several other occasions. 

Garden With Courting Couples: Square Saint Pierre, 1887

This absolute beauty was called as ‘the painting of the garden with lovers’ by Vincent himself. He made use of his very own version of the technique called pointillists for making this park scene on a bright and sunny day. 

Sunflowers, 1889

Believed to be his best and famous work to date, this painting was attempted during his stay in Arles, South of France. He filled five large canvases with these sunflowers. The most stunning feature about the painting is that all he used was shades of yellow. 

Almond Blossom, 1890

For making this first of its kind masterpiece, Vincent took inspiration from the almond trees which are the first to flower in the spring. It symbolizes new life or new beginnings. It was painted to be presented to his nephew Vincent Willem who was born to his brother Theo and sister-in-law Jo. How thoughtful of Van Gogh!

Wheatfield With Crows, 1890

Unarguably, this is the last of his masterpieces. The dead-end path clubbed with crows and the menacing sky is believed to be his reference to his last day approaching. Of course, it is only a myth because Vincent painted many more canvases after this one.

The above-discussed paintings are only a few of the works put to display at the museum. If you are interested to see and experience more, my suggestion to you is to go for the Van gogh tour Amsterdam. 

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