Tips for Making a Hassle-Free Van Gogh Museum Trip

Van Gogh Museum Tour
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The Van Gogh Museum houses the world’s biggest collection of artworks by the Dutch Painter, fondly called Vincent. This museum in Amsterdam shows his masterpieces, alongside the paintings by other artists who worked in the same region or period as Van Gogh did. If you are a fan of this Dutch post-impressionist painter, then you must visit the Van Gogh museum on your Amsterdam tours. Here are some tips to help you along the way.

Advance Book Tickets Online

People who are above 18 years of age will have to purchase tickets to enter the museum. However, certain cardholders and special privileged people such as the artist’s relatives or friends can explore the museum free of cost. The same goes for minors who are not visiting the museum as part of a school group.

Tickets can be booked at the museum, but you will often have to stand in a long line for this. So instead of simply turning up at the museum, purchase your ticket(s) beforehand. This will allow you to skip the ticket line. Needless to mention, this will save you plenty of time.

Consider Avoiding the Peak Times

Regardless of when you go or what you do, you will not have the museum space for yourself. However, going to the Dutch museum from 09:00 to 11:00 am or after 03:00 pm could just help you explore it more comfortably. Furthermore, more visitors tend to arrive on weekends and you are likely to have a hard time navigating your way through the museum halls at this time. So, it is better to avoid visiting the museums on weekends. In case you already scheduled your museum visit on a weekend, make sure to book your tickets beforehand.

Do Some Research Before Your Trip

Are you planning to take a Van Gogh tour Amsterdam to see a particular artwork or an exhibition? Do you know that the national museum tends to loan out artworks in their collection to other institutions? It usually hosts temporary exhibitions as well that will be on display up to a specified date. So, before you make your Van Gogh Museum trip, confirm whether that particular exhibition or artwork is still around.

Follow the House Rules

Filming and photography are not allowed in the museum building except at some designated places such as the lobby and the ‘Selfie Walls’. Remember, recording videos and taking photos at the galleries is likely to cause inconvenience for other visitors. Besides, there are some other museum rules that you should follow, like “No Food”, “No Smoking”, “No Phoning”, etc.

Try Not to Bring Large Suitcases

The museum does have a cloakroom where you can temporarily store your bigger bags and similar stuff. However, this is a much-coveted landmark in Amsterdam, so there is a limit to what the room can hold. The museum does not have lockers as well. So, it is recommended to travel light when visiting the Van Gogh museum.

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